Stratospheric modelling

The stratospheric modelling team of BIRA-IASB is (team member can be contacted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.):

  • Catherine Wespes, fedTWIN with ULB
  • Christine Bingen, Scientist
  • Daniele Minganti, Scientist
  • Marc Op de beeck, Scientist
  • Quentin Errera, leader of the stratosphering modelling group (D33).
  • Sarah Vervalcke, PhD student
  • Simon Chabrillat, leader of the chemical weather group (D34).


Past members:

  • Dominiq Fonteyn (founder)
  • Frank Daerden (scientist)
  • Jonas Debosscher (scientist)
  • Pascale Cambier (secretary)
  • Sergey Skachko (scientist)
  • Stijn Bonjean (IT)
  • Yves Christophe (IT)
  • Edith Botek (scientist)
  • Karolien Lefever (scientist)